Imogen the Actress


You can see Imogen in this year's Dryathlon commercial for Cancer Research Uk on the internet. Check out my funky finger-dancing!

* Imogen has just recorded the pilot of her half-hour radio comedy 'Slaughter & Makepeace' with fellow actress chum Charlie McClimens... Soon to be unveiled aurally...

* Imogen's latest mildly offensive character cameo is due to be unleashed soon in feature film 'Milkyway' directed by Toor Mian.

* Imogen continues to work as an audiobook narrator, busily gabbling away into a microphone, most recently and proudly speaking out loud the brilliantly funny 'Man At The Helm' by Nina Stibbe, which has just been nominated for AUDIOBOOK OF THE YEAR at the National Book Awards! For more info please see the Audio section. Imogen pimps herself out to all the fab publishers, such as Orion, Macmillan, Random House, Penguin, Isis and the indomitable Audible.

* Imogen does lots of speaking things, including voice over for commercials, documentary film, comedy sketches, animation and corporate work too.

* Imogen is a renegade and doesn't work through an agent, if you would like to book her you can do so via her Spotlight page.


* Imogen trained at The Drama Centre London, gaining an honours degree in pure acting and a mild case of the jitters.

* Since graduating in 2001 she has worked extensively in Theatre, Film and Commercials in the UK, Europe and the US.

* She has a special affinity for accents, making people laugh, and bending... she is very bendy.

Reviews for Imogen's work:

'Imogen Church's Mother is magnificent, a quixotic mixture of selfishness and self-hatred, who punches her body in disgust' - Time Out London

'Imogen Church is wonderful as the industrious Mary... confident, implacable, hearty, Church compels attention from first to last' - The Stage

'Imogen Church is an utter delight as loud, proud Mary' - East Anglian Daily Press

'Imogen Church is excellent as Helena' - Camden New Journal

'Her poetry was razor sharp... her strip was so avant-garde, goose steps turned into ceiling chipping high kicks and her wild eyes and staccato movements made those on the front row flinch once or twice. Absolutely astounding, unique and off the wall' - West Country Correspondant (on a Burlesque show in Bristol)

'She would have made a good lawyer' - Her Mum.

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